Fastigiata – Trees in the mist

*I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I was when I arrived!

I had made three previous attempts to photograph these trees on a mist filled morning, getting the level of mist (or fog depending on your outlook!) required for the look I was after is one hurdle, a natural one, and as any photographer will tell you the weather rarely performs how it’s predicted to. On two of my previous attempts the surrounding area was full of mist but here nothing, which considering it’s close to a river is quite annoying after you’ve got up early, having checked the forecast the night before, and then driven all the way to the location through near zero visibility only to find no mist on arrival.

The third attempt looked promising, the mist was good right up to where I park and then walk into the park where the trees are situated, a park with a cricket ground, and it was at that point I noticed the two very large cricket screens positioned right up next to the trees…urrgghh

So hopefully you’ll understand my reason for excitement this particular morning when not only was I greeted by perfect mist but the grass was covered in frost, I like to think it was Mother Natures way of making up for my previous wasted trips!

I’d first spotted these trees two years earlier, and from that point on I knew the exact photos I was after – One was the line of trees disappearing into the mist, another I wanted to do was single tree isolated from the rest, however this proved impossible by the way the trees had grown so close to each other, as it turned out the compromise was better than I’d initially visualised and lead onto the the others I’ve done in this series.

I couldn’t be happier with the results, at the time I had the mild panic of trying to get all the shots I wanted before the mist cleared, and of course trying to get them done before people walking their dogs etc walked across the scene leaving footprints in the frost. A combination of good fortune and, no doubt, the fact that it was freezing cold meant I succeeded to obtain a set of images free from people and one that I don’t feel I could better.

For those that are interested, the trees are European Hornbeams – Fastigiata, they look good covered in leaves but during winter the bare branches set against the misty backdrop shows them at their best I think. The photographs were always going to be in black and white – to highlight the character and structure of their form.

The rest of the series can be seen here Fastigiata and all are available to purchase as Fine Art prints.

This series of photographs were awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2015 ‘Prix de la Photographie Paris’

*Imported from my previous blog, first published Mar ’15

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