Micheldever Bluebell photography

*Every year from around the last week of April and into the first few weeks of May, near to where I live, the Beech tree filled woodlands around Micheldever are transformed by a carpet of bluebells. This is a unique natural phenomena only seen in Europe with the UK, and Hampshire in particular having the best displays.

This provides fantastic photo opportunities for landscape photographers, and many travel from all over Britain to witness the event for themselves and capture some images of these wonderful wild flowers.

Being local I regularly walk my dog in the woods and forests in the area this gives me the perfect opportunity to find out where the best displays are, which can vary each year**, it also means I can avoid other photographers that visit the usual spots, some of whom, sadly, trample through the bluebells in a bid to get a good photo (happens every year I’m afraid).

For the last couple of years I’ve also offered 1-2-1 tuitions in the woods with great success, see below for more details.

There are many compositional opportunities including the sunrise through the trees shot, footpaths and walkways, close ups – including, when you can find them the elusive white bluebell, the low hanging branches of the Beech trees with fresh lime green leaves, but my personal favourite is one that unfortunately can’t be pre-planned, bluebells in the mist, last year there was only one decent morning of mist, I was there and I managed to capture some images I’m really pleased with including this one, a personal favourite of mine:

I’ve been photographing the bluebells around Hampshire for the past nine years, and this year I’ll be there again, at the time of writing this the early signs are that it’s going to be a good display. My regular patrols have begun and I’m hoping to get some truly unique photos.

If you would like to join me for 1-2-1 tuition please contact me, I can’t promise you mist but I can promise you I’ll take you to where the best bluebells are around Micheldever and some other parts of Hampshire.

Some more of my bluebell photographs can be seen here Blue Wood and all are available to purchase as fine art prints

Thanks for reading and if you’re planning to visit I hope you have a great time.

*Imported from my previous blog, first published Mar ’15

**There are currently (Apr 2017) Forestry Commision signs warning of tree felling work in one of the popular spots, a lot of the trees have orange paint marks on the trunk or red/white tape tied around them, if you’re planning a photo trip here it might be worth you doing a pre-visit to plan your shots.

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