…behind the shot – South East tree

Anybody who, until recently, follows me on social media should recognise this tree, because a version of it use to be my ‘avatar’ on those sites. But that’s not the only reason I’ve chosen it for one of my BTS posts.

If you look at my portfolio it should be fairly obvious that I like to photograph trees, and I’m quite fond of a lone tree presented in a minimalist way, I also choose to present them in black and white quite often, removing colour helps to simplify the image further and brings more attention on the subject itself. 

It’s an Oak tree growing on a hillside within the South Downs national park not far from Winchester in Hampshire, England, as we look at the image East is to the left and looking at an OS map I’d say it’s approximately 200m above sea level. The land itself is part of a farm and quite often livestock graze on it which explains the short ‘cut’ of grass. 

I’ve shot this trees on many occasions, in all weathers, from various angles and distances, I’ve even sat under it and rested for a while taking in the view. It was on one of these occasions when I was taking a photo of another tree nearby that a tractor drove up and stopped next to me, it was the farmer who owns the land, he said that he’d (unbeknown to me) often seen me up on the hill taking photos, out of all the trees on the farm this is his favourite. 

This particular photo was taken in late Spring, I’ve used a 400mm lens because I’m a long way off and below the frame, out of view, is an area of woodland that I didn’t want to include. In case you’re wondering no I haven’t, the cloud is genuine, in fact I’ve hardly done any post processing other than the black and white conversion. 

Personally I think this tree is as near to perfect, from this angle, as you could get and when it’s bare and silhouetted against a clear(ish) sky it’s shape and structure really stand out.

The purpose of these posts is too give a little insight behind a photo that have a special meaning to me for one reason or another, on this occasion I’m going to include another photograph, the reasons should be clear!

Thanks for reading.

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