Verdant cloud

Verdant….adjective: 1. green with vegetation: 2. of the colour green: 3. inexperienced; unsophisticated:

Bluebell season is kicking off around where I live, the woodland floor is being carpeted in blue and the branches of Beech trees are awakening with a vivid splash of bright green new leaves. Spring has sprung and nature’s adorned her vibrant coat, even the sun has come out to play.

It’s a lovely time to go wandering in the woods as everything is coming alive again, a fresh new start after the winter hibernation.

I’d imagine anyone who has ever created artwork, of any genre, has at some point compared their subject or piece of work to something else, as a photographer I’m no different and often reflect that in my titles, as I prepare to embark for another year photographing the bluebells I’m reminded of how the low hanging branches with fresh shoots look like, to me at least, little green clouds floating through the woods.

Verdant cloud:


You can see this plus more of my Bluebell photos here: BlueWood

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