Everywhere’s Yellow

In my last post I mentioned I’m about to start photographying this seasons bluebells near home, I have started to do so but another feature round here at this time of year is the yellow fields.

There’s a lot of farmland around where I live and it’s always nice to see fields full of flowering Rapeseed, Canola as it’s called in the U.S. (much better name in my opinion), especially when the sun is shining. Each year I try to capture a couple of shots and so today I set off across the hills of the South Downs, I like searching to find where the farmers have put the crop each year, I was disappointed to find that one particular place I’ve had my eye on for awhile was not, there’s a little barn there which would look great surrounded by yellow.

Happy to say I got some I’m pleased with, the sun shone through blue cloudy skies casting shadows and illuminating trees and hedges, just a matter of setting up and waiting, hoping it shines in the right place!

Here’s one of the photos from today taken on the hills above Winchester: Yellow rondure

Thanks for reading, hope you like it.

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