I’m not an expert on social media, the fact you’ve stumbled upon this post is nothing short of a miracle, or more likely me somehow managing to inadvertently press the right button somewhere in order to make it zip off into the world of ‘cross platform sharing’ (I read that phrase somewhere!) At this stage you may, quite rightly, be wondering where I’m going with this, so:-

This morning I set off nice and early to photograph bluebells, or to be more precise bluebells in the mist, we had rain yesterday afternoon followed by a very cold night with the promise of a good sunrise so mist looked promising, and I do like a bit of mist which you don’t often get around Micheldever come bluebell season, on more than a few occassions over the years it’s been a real ‘pea souper’ (very foggy) all around the area but nothing in the actual woods.

Hang on in, nearly there! – There’s a photo that I’ve tasked myself to do, I’ve wanted to do it for the last few years but to no avail, I was hoping this morning could be the time I could get that one shot, well two actually as my wife told me the other day that she didn’t like my bluebell photos “too many trees, not enough blue, get one I like and we’ll hang it on the wall” there’s always a critic!

On my way to the location there was a light mist in the rolling downland en-route, looked promising, park up and enter the woods – nothing, zip, nada, zilch etc Expected that if I’m honest but I did notice an adjacent field full of it, and experience over the years has shown me it often comes after the sun has been up a bit, so I set about trying to get a ‘non-tree dominated’ shot of bluebells in dense woodland to keep my fan base happy…lol

The other photo, the one I’d really like to get, nothing more than a simple deer standing amongst the trees munching on the bluebells or similar (I don’t actually know if they eat them, probably not as I think they’re poisonous to them and us), it wasn’t going to happen this morning, there were a couple of other photographers around and apart from that even though I see deer all the time when wandering in the woods I don’t often see them in bluebells, maybe the smell puts them off.

We’re there – The mist came, hooray! I did a few photos, and then I spotted something that made me think of my ‘one shot’, this little sapling the top of which reminded me slightly of a deers head. I took a quick pic using my phone and posted it to Twitter, this was mainly because I know it would ‘wind up’ some photographer friends of mine who are doing ‘proper’ jobs but would love to be in the bluebell woods with a bit of mist, they’d do the same to me. It actually got a good response, for me, which is probably because most people would probably like to have been there at that time, sometimes I have the best job in the world.

I don’t normally process my bluebell photos until the end of the season, I’m not trying to be overly “artistic” by saying that, it’s simply I’m fortunate that I live near enough to be able to photograph them often in different conditions and in previous years I’ve done the same shot, a few times, then picked the one where the bluebells look their best. But for all those that liked my back of the camera pic from this morning, here you go: Mimic






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