I have no idea why I like boats

I wasn’t born near the coast, I’ve never lived by the sea, I don’t sail and I don’t and never have owned a boat, yet as I sit and write this on my iPad I’m looking at one of my favourite paintings, it’s an abstract scene of an imaginary harbour with fishing boats done in acrylic oils by an artist called Dan Flint. I bought it about 15 years ago, it’s hanging on the wall of our lounge and I’ve looked at it everyday since having it framed shortly after purchase, and I never get bored of it.

In fact I’ve got a few paintings of boats (my generic collective term for any watery type vehicle!) some oils and some watercolours, when my two boys were younger I even commissioned an artist to paint two watercolours with their initials and year of birth as the insignia on the boats.

As the title of this post suggests I have no idea why they appeal to me, or seascapes in general but they do. If you’ve read some of my older blogs you’ll know I’ve recently migrated over to a new website, I’m currently in the process of uploading some of my Coast photographs and that’s what got me thinking of this whole thing, does it matter why a particular subject appeals to us on an aesthetic level or should we just enjoy without question?

Here’s a photograph I took last year, it’s from a visit to West Wittering on a day when I’d intended to shoot the sand dunes, I’ve been going to the location since I was a child when my parents would take us on day trips, it’s a place I go to quite a lot for my coastal beach and seascape photography, I’ve even taken my own children for family days out on many occasions. I didn’t shoot the dunes this time, took photos of boats instead, no idea why!

Blue Channel

I should point out that I’m well aware that these are yachts not boats, or are they dinghies? I don’t know anything about boats either..haha

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