Destiny, the wonder of nature.

I went out to photograph bluebells this morning (again), as I’ve mentioned before I quite often re-visit the same location to try and get it in different light and see which one I prefer when the bluebell season has finished.

Today was my third attempt to get a couple of images I wanted, I’d set my tripod up and was waiting for some light to fall on or near a particular tree, I’d been waiting a while, about 90 minutes already, as it was one of those morning that was cloudy but had a good chance of the sun popping through for a few seconds…’any minute now’

Having already looked at every other tree in the surrounding square mile of woodland, counted all the bluebells, checked everything worth checking on my phone, eaten my peanut bar and wished I’d brought the coffee from the car I was running out of things to do, it was at this point I noticed something under my tripod, and I mean exactly under it perfectly in the middle of the three legs, a tiny Beech sapling with four (nearly) perfect branches, seven leaves on each except one that only had six. I hadn’t seen it when I set my tripod up and somehow I hadn’t trod on it when shuffling about as I normally do (I’m obsessed with composition) when framing the shot. As luck would have it my macro lens was still in my bag from the other day, I don’t normally carry it with me – clearly I was destined to take a photograph of this little tree.

Once the light had popped through the clouds I took the photo I’d originally set up to do (I may prefer one of the previous attempts, always the way) then decided the best way to do this little fella justice was an overhead view, after a bit of forest floor Feng shui I captured this – Isn’t nature great.

Destiny seemed an appropriate title I though.

 Thanks for reading.

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