My Place – a poem, of sorts!

I don’t aspire to being a poet or writer, nor do I consider myself to be a person that likes to wax lyrical over the reasons and emotions behind my photography, however a recent conversation with another photographer reminded me of this piece I had started to write a while ago, so I finished it. Inspired to a certain extent from a favourite poem of mine written by W.H.Davies – ‘Leisure’

I appologise in advance for any poetry laws broken!

My Place

A place to sit, a place to stare

A place to breathe to take the air

A place to listen to natures sound

To feel beneath my feet the ground

A place to walk, to run, to ride

Escape the race, to think, to hide

A place I go to be alone

A place I like to call my own

A place I go if I need to ponder

A place I go to chill, to wander

When I need to relax and slow the pace

I leave the house and go to this place

I don’t own this land, nor possess the space

It’s just an area I like to call ‘My place’

Richard Thomas – 2017

It’s not intended to be literal in reference, I have a few such locations I visit often, here’s a favourite photo from one of them.

Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “My Place – a poem, of sorts!

  1. May not be Wordsworth & co but the sentiment comes across loud and clear. I have a few local places I go “to watch the grass grow” as it were.


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